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ML, AR & Prediction



Machine learning enables predictions to be made based on large amounts of data. Our team as first step enables a smart factory, make production processes connected – practically now the machines, interfaces, and components communicate with one another. Large amounts of data which we call big analog data is collected to optimise the manufacturing process. Big analog data supports process optimisation by using customised algorithms that provide greater insights and early predictions this needs an ideal team. Our team consists of

  • Machine experts with decades of experience
  • Domain specialists with process knowledge
  • Team of architects that has solved similar cases
  • Technology experts that can tailor our framework to your needs

Our team in SENSEOPS brings in IT infrastructure that is adjusted to artificial intelligence processes and machine learning workloads. The team analyses customer, log, and sensor data by which new solutions can be found and processes can be made more efficient. Customer has benefitted with

  • clear definition of the exact tasks of the machine learning systems
  • recognise patterns and draw conclusions from them

This is made possible with our state of art

  1. Advanced prediction algorithms
  2. Digital monitoring and control
  3. Standardised solutions
  4. ConntAll technology