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Work office Automation

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Occupancy Analytics
People Analytics
Seat availability

Building Occupancy System

Work office Automation

Our design of an occupancy detection system for buildings was based around several key objectives.

  1. Make the system as low cost as possible to deployment across a building wide scale
  2. System to be incrementally deployable within existing buildings, without requiring large scale modifications such as new wiring.
  3. Occupancy detection algorithms should be very accurate

Occupancy Detection Algorithm:

Facility management

Occupancy information can be used to drive a more optimized HVAC schedule. However, due to the difficulty in obtaining real time accurate occupancy data, many of these techniques focus on using predetermined schedules.

Employee analytics

  • PIR sensors for occupancy analysis
  • Occupancy-based temperature and lighting control
  • Modelling of heat exchange and temp. profile for multiple ACs
  • Enhanced intelligence through Camera integration & Analytics