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Shop Floor – Standardisation

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Assembly Line
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challenges Of shop floor connectivity are connecting different types of machines, the data from critical machines are mined at near real time intervals. The average age of machines at machining area are around 30 years, Engine Assembly around 20, Vehicle Assembly around 15 and Paint shop at around 12 years. Data acquisition systems of some of these machines are out of support window and not presently manufactured.

Plant managers wanted the real time data for condition monitoring and senior management wanted to reduce the cost of maintenance by knowing the breakdowns at the earliest.

OUR SOLUTION Is context aware data from each logically separated plant area was provided, risk of implementation was reduced by adopting layered implementation, legacy equipment communication was reverse engineered. Distributed plant of such a large size is controlled and monitored without re engineering, or shelving the older system.


Highly secure access to future breakdowns, real-time diagnostic,  troubleshooting information is connected with minimal modifications to existing infrastructure and new IT applications. Cloud connectivity provided for machine learning for deeper insights using machine learning algorithms.


We connected intelligent physical entities such as sensors, devices and machines to each other (OT Systems), to the Internet services and to applications (IT Systems). The solution combines old and new technologies such as mobile, wired and wireless networks. The cloud and several visualisation tools emphasised remote access to machines to enable transformative business improvements and efficiency.


  • Domain expertise to establish clear goals & concept
  • Deep understanding of needs, Piloting
  • Mass production, Observe, Maintain and Manage