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Flow Meter – Centralised

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Water Station Data
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challenges Start from acquiring data from flow meters with various technologies such as count pulses / ticks as fluids flow by the flow meter. Non availability of consistent network and power source for the devices makes it more tedious to implement communication model.

OUR SOLUTION Included IoT gateway which is a hub for connecting to the Internet and establishing a wireless link between flowmeters and cloud storage for fetching real-time data, totalising it and sending it to FTP at specified interval. IoT platform uses two modes for consuming power. One is DC power from an external source and other is Onboard rechargeable battery source. Battery based system provided a backup of upto 6 months at hourly update interval.

TOTALISE AT REAL-TIME enabled the water company with more efficient use of available water resources. Our solution enabled a precise visibility over water resources data, thus allowing an efficient and optimised management of water companies. HARVESTER based water management systems can make a fast and significant improvement to the cost and reliability of water supplies, especially in urban areas. Water leakage detection was measured on regular basis and theft was contained to minimum.

SENSEOPS DELIVERY Included IoT based device that connects to different types of water flow meters and send measurements to centralised server at specified interval, the battery based system works independently provides the volumetric input and consumption of the water flow, which helps in planning and measuring city water needs and area was consumption data.


  • Connect flow meters with different protocols
  • Configurable end point and centralised data connectivity
  • Battery operated Plug-and-play IoT device