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Observe Mange Remotely

As a general rule of thumb, the more data your plant equipment can share, the better able it is to make plans and to move forward with future goals. Data silos are repositories of fixed data that remain within a single equipment’s control and are isolated from the rest of the organisation. These silos also tend to occur as each department within an organisation has differing priorities, responsibilities and benchmarks. SENSEOPS’s Industry 4.0 strategy of centralised data increases the opportunities for collaboration and shared problem-solving across the plant.

When organisations rely on decentralised data sources, the complications related to securing and integrating company data expand exponentially. By streamlining their data into a centralised data source, organisations can improve their data governance capabilities. A centralised source of data enables technicians to monitor and control data access points more easily, clarifying the process of data custody and minimising the risks involved in mishandling sensitive information

Real-time data access

Verified and accurate data in hand, at realtime can more easily identify and take advantage of production trends and changes and predict daily production demands. Ultimately, the enhanced analytics at operations level enabled by realtime data and offered by a streamlined data source increase the agility of plant, allowing it to be more predictive and proactive, and to maintain its competitive advantage.

Intelligent Alarms

Alarm systems form an essential part of the operator interfaces to large modern industrial facilities. They provide vital support to the operators by warning them of situations that need their attention. Alarm systems thus have an important role in preventing, controlling and mitigating the effects of abnormal situations. If these alarm systems do not work well, the effects can be very serious. Simple storage of a few numbers within the Alarm and Event archive is insufficient, therefore HARVESTER provides first level filtering then on AGGREGATOR provides advanced logic to select these alarms.

Further use cases of centralised data are

  • History and Storage
  • On Premises
    • Operations Analytics
    • Control Room Dashboards
    • Device Management
  • Off Premises
    • Stream Analytics
    • Real-time data view