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Enterprise Data Standardised

Data standardisation is a key part of ensuring data quality. Lacking standardisation results in bad data, which has numerous negative effects. Unfortunately, data standardisation is often left out of discussions when planning the input and organisation of your equipment data, especially when you are implementing an Industry 4.0 roadmap.

To boost productivity and efficiency while reducing errors and accidents, but this is especially important for small businesses operating with tighter budgets and smaller staffs. Standardisation can be an effective way to increase productivity and efficiency, since it defines expectations, formalises processes and creates accountability.

An industry standard is a set of specifications to which all elements of products, processes, formats, or procedures under its jurisdiction must conform. The process of standardisation is the pursuit of this conformity, with the objective of increasing the efficiency of economic activity.

Foloowing are the standardisation support that we can bring in

  • ISA95
  • MTConnect
  • OPC
  • FDT
  • FDI
  • Fieldbus etc